Episode 140

6 Ways to Support Your Husband as a Spiritual Leader


September 18th, 2018

44 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

I offer six different ways every wife can support her husbands to be the spiritual leaders in the home and community:

  1. Think about what you want. Consider what you want from your husband and then ask yourself, “Is it fair and reasonable to ask this of him?”

  2. Recognize what he is already doing. There are many different ways of being a “spiritual leader.” Recognize and appreciate the things he is already doing right.

  3. **Don’t boss him. **This is ugly. Don’t boss or try to bully him into being the person you wish he would be. Give him room to be a husband and father, by focusing on the ways in which you are called to be a wife and mother.

  4. Figure out what is getting in the way. Is he tired? Are the kids misbehaving? Does he have no time? Find out what the obstacles are so that you can help with them.

  5. Find out what his goals are. Ask him about his spiritual goals for himself and for your family. Think of ways to help him meet those goals and offer your support.

  6. Do your own stuff. You have spiritual goals and you are called to be a spiritual leader as a wife and mom. Focus on what you can do, and then just do it!

"Sometimes we women want to make spiritual leadership what WE want it to be. That’s actually dumb because what our husbands bring to the table is a completely different perspective, different skill set, different temperament, different preferences, different strengths, different focuses. That’s a beautiful gift to you and your family."