Episode 390

Start Your Day With God (and Father Kirby)


July 18th, 2023

33 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, an author, speaker, and host of Morning Offering With Fr. Kirby, joins us this week to talk about the power of prayer, especially the power of praying the Morning Offering every day and offering your day as a gift to God.

Fr. Kirby shares especially about the value of offering up our suffering, something that praying every morning can help us to do.

At the end of today’s show, Danielle shares emails from Cheryl and Barb who, after listening to the recent episode about life-changing books, have titles they want to recommend for summer reading.

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Snippet From the Show
“If we take these sufferings and anxieties and we offer them to the Lord, then it's called redemptive suffering, and they're not wasted. Moments of anxiety, frustration, concern, whatever it might be – they're given to the Lord and they actually have spiritual power.” - Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

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