Episode 395

How to Unlock the Power of Prayer


August 22nd, 2023

53 mins 8 secs

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“If you make time for daily prayer, you can practice sitting at the feet of Jesus in your own heart and mind, even during times in life when you are very busy.”

This week, we are focusing on unlocking the power of prayer. We all know that we should pray and we should make it a daily priority, but many things can get in the way of that. We have work, kids, and crammed calendars that threaten to pull us away from regular times to pray. Danielle shares thoughts about how to change our approach to prayer and new ideas for ways to make it a daily habit – one that you are made for and will thrive in. Danielle offers ideas to help reshape your prayer routine and cultivate a daily habit that will help grow in relationship with God.

At the end of the show, Danielle answers an email from 15-year-old Elizabeth who wonders about whether a Catholic woman can become a fighter pilot. Is this a sticky question? Yes and no!

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