Episode 402

Many Paths to Holiness (with Marie Mazzanti)


October 10th, 2023

49 mins 7 secs

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“You have all these varying degrees of women becoming saints in such different circumstances … If you look at another woman and say she's not listening to God because her life doesn't look the same as yours. Well, then you're not really understanding, one, the saints and two, the Gospel.”
– Marie Mazzanti

Our guest this week is Marie Mazzanti, a wife, mother, and media creator at Catholic Caritas on Instagram. Marie joins Danielle to discuss the variety of ways that we are called to holiness and the truth that we are not all called in the same way. They share about marriage, gender roles, Theology of the Body. Marie shares from her experience of living a mixed faith marriage and candidly discusses the challenges and joys of her own vocation.

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