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Navigating Infertility (with Jamie Rathjen and Teresa Kenney)


October 24th, 2023

39 mins 37 secs

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“Like everything in healthcare, with infertility, you become a detective, taking a really good history from both the woman and the man. We need to remember always that it takes two people to create life. So we want to make sure we address right away male fertility and not leave that for down the road.”
Jamie Rathjen

Today’s special guests are Jamie Rathjen and Teresa Kenney, hosts of The Hormone Genius podcast. Jamie is founder of the Fiat Institute, a hormone coach certification program, and Teresa is Women’s health Nurse Practitioner and author of The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole.

Together, they discuss the topic of male and female infertility and some practical ways to create a safe environment for your hormonal health and fertility.

At the end of today’s show, Danielle shares a voicemail from Vanessa who shares about the Duo Lingo app.

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